Molly Smithson

Founder (not ‘the boss’)

“I’m a writer, comedian, producer, ardent dill pickle fan and…. millennial.

I grew up a digital Dickensian street urchin in the wild west of the world wide web. I had an email at age five, filled with the pitfalls of Nigerian princes and tacky graphics. I was on MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube (plus AIM, rest in peace) in middle school.

Like other millennials, before I even had a job, I had already learned how to discern fake information, discover engaging stories and digitally connect with companies I liked.”


Anchitta ‘Kitty’ Noowong

photography + videography

“Since childhood, filmmaking has been a part of my life.

When I was little, my mother was an office production assistant and a script supervisor in Thailand and would often bring me with her on set. I started playing around with cameras when I was about eleven. The most significant influence in my life is my mother, who was a single parent. Because of this, I believe that telling stories of women's experiences—especially those who are underrepresented.

Recently, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and a minor in Business, I have been establishing myself as an up-and-coming filmmaker and social media content producer. I have worked with a diverse set of collaborators and companies on various projects and in multiple settings. Making use of my creativity, leadership abilities, project management skills, and effective communication skills, I have successfully created short films that have been recognized by film festivals across the nation.”