Beyonce isn't the Only One Who Loves Countdowns

Beyonce isn't the Only One Who Loves Countdowns

It’s been a while since a #infotainment post, friends. Don’t worry, because Molly’s here to bring you some fresh ideas about Instagram stories- and how you can best use stories’ countdown feature to promote your exciting new products, events, or initiatives!

Wait, Moll, I live under a rock. What are Instagram stories?

IG’s equivalent of Snapchat but better. These mobile videos disappear after a day, but you can find all your content in a private archive— which is great for recycling content (put a pin in that!)

Sticker? I hardly know her!

A sticker is a feature you can add to your videos to make them pop. They include GIFs, special designs from Instagram, a photo of yourself, locations, tagged profiles, SO MANY THINGS.

Okay, well what’s a countdown?

Exactly what you think it is: a countdown clock for ANYTHING.

Well how do I use it?

Here’s a vid!

Okay but…. WHY should I use it?

Our favorite ways to use the countdown are…

For new product launches!

Set a countdown until your product launch, so folks who are interested in buying can get a reminder when

For IRL events

You can’t share Facebook events to Instagram (yet). This is a great way to remind non FB users of your upcoming activity.

To increase urgency for fundraising efforts

Set up a countdown to share as you post updates from fundraising campaigns. It will give people a sense of urgency and can remind them to donate before time runs out!

As a reminder for contests

Same deal as above, but very useful if the contest has an application process, and people need a reminder to keep them on track!

Learn more about using Instagram and Facebook to promote events!

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